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Google Photos Has Half A Billion Users


May 19, 2017

Google's photo repository app has hit half a billion monthly active users, Anil Sabharwal, who helps run product at Google, said on Wednesday. And the company is now using its smart image searches and artificial intelligence to identify people in pictures, and automatically suggest the photo be shared with that person.


The announcement was part of Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.


Soon the app will help users eliminate blurry photos and duplicates, and will release shared libraries. A shared library could be used to, for example, automatically recognize pictures of a user's kids and share them with both parents.


Even iOS users that don't have the app can be involved in the process.

Amazon's Echo Look Could Spy On More Than Just Your Style


May 01, 2017

Amazon has released the Echo Look, which is an Alexa-powered camera that takes full-length photos and short videos of you and your home. Experts have warned that many Echo Look customers do not fully understand the data that they are handing to Amazon.


The Echo Look is priced at $199.99. Consumers just say ‘Alexa, take a picture’ or ‘Alexa, take a video’, and the device will get to work. Experts say that Amazon must update its privacy policy and better-inform consumers of the technology's risks.


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Spacex Launches Its First Recycled Rocket


March 31, 2017


SpaceX successfully launched and then retrieved its first recycled rocket Thursday, March 30, a historic feat and the biggest leap yet in its bid to drive down costs and speed up flights. "This is a huge day. My mind's blown, frankly," Musk said. He called it an "incredible milestone in the history of space" and predicted, "this is going to be a huge revolution in spaceflight."


It was the first time SpaceX founder Elon Musk tried to fly a booster that soared before on an orbital mission. He was at a loss for words after the Falcon 9 core landed on the bull's-eye of the ocean platform following liftoff with a broadcasting satellite, achieving what some had once told him was impossible.



This particular first stage landed on an ocean platform almost exactly a year ago after a space station launch for NASA. SpaceX refurbished and tested the 15-story booster, still sporting its nine original engines. It nailed another vertical landing at sea Thursday, March 30, once it was finished boosting the satellite for the SES company of Luxembourg. SpaceX employees jammed outside Mission Control at the Hawthorne, California, company headquarters cheered loudly every step of the way — and again when the satellite reached its proper orbit.



"Absolutely astounding," Halliwell said after his company's satellite reached the proper orbit. "Just opened the door into a whole new era of spaceflight." Musk said this day was 15 years in coming and that, all told, the reusability effort has cost the company at least $1 billion, which will take time to recoup. He brought all five of his young sons to the launch — and the news conference that followed — wanting them to be witness to history-in-the-making. It was fitting, he noted, that the rocket took off from NASA's Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center, the starting point for the Apollo moon shots decades ago.


Now For Sale Electric Car That

Drives By Itself


March 2017

Tesla, Inc. is an American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes in electric cars, Lithium-ion battery energy storage, and, through their SolarCity subsidiary, residential solar panels.




What Is Tesla? The autopilot cars use high-frequency sound waves to identify objects up to 16 feet away.


Want Cheaper Car Insurance?

Switch On Tesla Autopilot


 Tesla itself is already experimenting with that model in Hong Kong and Australia.Insurance company Root has jumped on Tesla Autopilot’s selfdriving bandwagon, gambling that the semi-autonomous technology will make drivers safer.


The company recently rolled out a new program that offers discounts to Tesla drivers that use their cars’ semi-autonomous driver assistance soft ware. Proponents of autonomous vehicles like CEO Elon Musk have long touted the potential safety benefits of selfdriving cars, and Root has now recognized these benefits by rewarding drivers.


Tesla Owner Tracked His Stolen Car WithApp And Led Police To The Thief The vehicle was stolen during a burglary of a residence in the City of Escondido on Monday March 13, 2017, according to the police report. Presumably, the thief found the key during the burglary and stole the car. The next day (March 14), the owner tracked the car with Tesla’s mobile app to a shopping center in the 23000 block of Clinton Keith Road in Wildomar, a city a few miles north of Escondido.



Tesla Is Looking To Raise $1,15 Billion In Stock And Debt


Tesla is looking to raise up to $1.15 billion in funding ahead of producing its first mass market vehicle, the Model 3. The company will sell $250 million in stock as a secondary offering, along with $750 million in debt. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is participating in the round and will buy $25    million in shares of common stock, according to the company.


The announcement also comes on the same day that President Donald Trump met with representatives from some of the Detroit automakers to discuss loosening environmental standards.


While this new round may not be directly ti ed to President Trump’s comments, if Trump were to do away with the $7,500 electric vehicle subsidy, Tesla’s business could see some damage. That said, the company has managed to cultivate demand around its brand and saw increasing orders for its luxury vehicles in the last quarter of 2016.


Competition For Tesla According to Automotive News, Volvo Cars’ North America CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, told reporters at the Geneva auto show that the company’s fi rst fully electric vehicle will likely have a price range of about $35,000 to $40,000 when it’s released in 2019. This would put Volvo’s electric off ering in the same range as Tesla’s forthcoming Model 3, which is intended to be the company’s most aff ordable electric vehicle, and the Chevrolet Bolt, the fi rst electric vehicle from General Motors.


Musk owned a 26.5% stake in Tesla worth more than $9 billion based on the stock’s March

13 closing price.


That constitutes a large chunk of his estimated $13 billion net worth—and the launch of the Model 3, expected to help Musk   start selling his unified vision of electric cars, batteries, and solar panels, to households around the world, is expected to take the company right up to the precipice on its funding. Volvo, on the

other hand, has surged in recent years, after being sold by Ford   to Chinese firm Geely, and setting a sales record last year.

Apple Officially Announces

(RED) iPhone 7 & 7 Plus


March 21, 2017


The device was unveiled alongside a new iPad and a new social video editing app. Apple made the announcement in a press release, which contained quotes from Tim Cook and offered up more details on the (RED) initiative.



In the press release, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that (RED) gives customers an unprecedented way to contribute to the Global Fund for AIDS research.



“Since we began working with (RED) 10 years ago, our customers have made a significant impact in fighting the spread of AIDS through the purchase of our products, from the original iPod nano (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition all the way to today’s lineup of Beats products and accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.


It’s unclear how many PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 units Apple plans to make. The device carries a “Special Edition” price tag and the company tells Mashable it plans to make “a bunch” of them.



For those unfamiliar, Apple’s (RED) partnership sees it donate a certain percentage of sales to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help deliver an AIDS-free generation.



In addition to the new (RED) iPhone, Apple has also doubled the storage capacity for the iPhone SE. The device is now available in 32GB and 128GB models starting at $399. Finally, Apple has also announced new colors of its silicone and leather cases. The silicone case is now available azure, camellia and pebble, while the leather case now comes in taupe, sapphire and berry.



The (RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in 128GB and 256GB models starting at $749 from Apple’s website and Apple retail stores. As of right now, the devices are listed as unavailable online but will go up for sale at 11:01AM ET.


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