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The 22 Year Old Brit Who Stopped The Global Cyberattack Is Donating His $10,000 Reward To Charity

May 18, 2017

After halting the devastating global cyberattack says he plans to give his $10,000 (£7,700) reward to charity


"I don't do what I do for money or fame," he told Business Insider. "I'd rather give the money to people who need it." Since then, he has been inundated with unwanted publicity, with journalists tracking down his real name, publishing his photo, and appearing outside his family home, where he lives with his parents.


"If you turn up at my house you're crossed off the list of potential media outlets I will do an exclusive with," he tweeted on Monday. "For the record I don't 'fear for my safety', I'm just unhappy with trying to help clear up Friday's mess with the doorbell going constantly."


He has now been offered a $10,000 reward for his efforts — but he says he doesn't want it. In a message, MalwareTech told Business Insider he is still undecided on what sort of charities he will give the reward, to and that he plans "to let people suggest which they think is best."

Tips To Start Be Attractive To Men

April 13, 2017


For many people, being confident is easier said than done. Being confident means feeling secure in who you are and what your abilities are. Confident people are able to celebrate the success of others without feeling jealous or bad about themselves.


It can be difficult to enjoy life when your mind is on the past or future. Instead of worrying about what you just said or what might happen next, enjoy the moment you're in. If you’re nervous and unsure of what to say, a great way to connect with someone is to ask them questions. In particular, asking someone for advice about something, or encouraging them to talk about themselves.



Don’t interrupt or judge the person who is talking. Paraphrase what they’ve said so that they know you’ve understood. Ask questions to signal you’ve paid attention and are interested.


Do What You Enjoy

Volunteer for a cause you believe in; learn a musical instrument; take dance classes; train for a marathon; or join a recreational sports team. Being happy and fulfilled will make you more attractive to men. In addition, having hobbies will give you more to talk about and more opportunities to bond with your crush.


Don't Change Who You Are

The only good reason for changing who you are is if you are unhappy with who you are, and you want to change so that you’re happier with yourself. If being with a certain guy requires you to be someone completely different, you probably shouldn’t be with him.

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Caesars Paid For Rosa Parks' Rent

February 17, 2017

Mike Ilitch was known for being the founder of Little Caesars and owner of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers, but he quietly made a difference in the life of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. Little Caesar Enterprises Inc. is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States, behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza.


Ilitch died last week at age 87, and in several articles eulogizing him, it was noted that he paid Parks' rent so she could move to a safer neighborhood . Parks, a native of Alabama, moved to Detroit not long after she famously refused to get up from her seat on a bus in 1955. In 1994, she was robbed and assaulted in her central Detroit home, and when Ilitch read an account of the crime, he notified mutual friends and let them know he was going to cover her rent for as long as necessary.


Parks, then 81, moved to a safe apartment building, where she lived until her death in 2005. Ilitch's payment was another example of the kind of impact he made on the city of Detroit and its people throughout his life.

Dogs Mirror Owners' Personalities

February 16, 2017

Researchers in Austria say dogs can mirror the anxiety and negativity of owners. More than 100 dogs and their owners underwent various tests, including measurement of heart rate and their response to threat. Saliva samples were also taken to measure cortisol levels, a marker for stress.


The owners were then assessed for the big five hallmarks of personality: neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness. Dr Iris Schoberl, of the University of Vienna, said both owners and dogs influenced each other's coping mechanisms, with the human partner being more influential than the dog. According to Dr. Schoberl, dogs are sensitive to their owners' emotional states and may mirror their emotions.


The research is published in the journal, PLOS ONE.

New Book From Co-founder And CEO Of Personify Leadership

January 18, 2017

In In her new book, The Courageous Leader: How to Face Any Challenge and Lead Your Team to Success (Wiley, March 2017), Angela Sebaly, co-founder and CEO of Personify Leadership, makes a powerful case for why.


What separates a good manager from an exceptional leader, Sebaly explains in The Courageous Leader, is the willingness to face any challenge rather than avoid it. Making a difficult decision or change. Taking a stand. Having an emotionally-charged conversation. Giving and receiving feedback.


Doing so means accepting pain as part of the process. Because there will be pain. And accepting pain, Sebaly argues -- as opposed to avoiding that touchy conversation, indefinitely postponing making that tough decision or change or simply shirking myriad other uncomfortable situations -- requires courage.


Rich with examples from the workforce and from Sebaly’s own experience as a business leader who has coached, facilitated and led teams and organizations for over two decades, The Courageous Leader walks readers through the mechanics of pain and the components of courage as applied to the business world. It provides the tools for accessing the courage to:


  • Get unstuck.
  • Take a stand.
  • Be humble.
  • Be confident.
  • Delegate
  • Give and receive feedback.
  • Be in the middle.


The Courageous Leader also offers fresh insights gained from Sebaly’s experience as an avid runner and a mother that are surprisingly relevant to the business world.


About Angela Sebaly:


Angela Sebaly, author of The Courageous Leader (Wiley, spring 2017), is co-founder and CEO of the firm Personify Leadership, a training provider. Formerly the Vice President of Leadership Development for a global oil, gas and chemicals inspection company, Angela also serves as principle consultant for the firm Invested Leadership, a training provider.


An entrepreneur developing a global presence,  Angela has been coaching, facilitating and leading teams and organizations for over two decades. Education, communication and courage are the pillars of her life’s work.  She lives with her family in Fort Lauderdale.


You can find the book here

Ways Your Mind Can Achieve Great Success

June 2015

Have a happy life in general is the goal that many, if not all, have each day, and although obstacles make it seem                                     complicated, use the mind you will succveed if you do it properly. Pamela Jean, an expert                     in engineering of language and persuasion, in an interview Salud180 says that the                     mind is a very powerful tool, but is only able to realize what we are living through what                                   the senses communicate with him or what " We inform "happens.


Positive Thoughts

Yes, surely you                                                      know that, or do you? If you wake up exhausted with so  many things to                                                      do, go to the mirror and smile. Say,  "what an exciting day, I can't wait                                                     to experience it!" Although internally, you know it's not entirely true,                                                           but speaking up for yourself and smiling is positive

                                                                                   communications from the mind. This will generate endorphins                                                              and related biochemical hormones for energy and will definitely                                                                  make you feel better.



In doing visualizations                                  with your eyes closed, you are much closer to making this possible, because after                         what you "see" when you want to carry it out in the earthly reality, your mind will feel                    that it is repeating same information like the first time you learned it. Before a job                            interview, appointment or an event that you consider important, visualize the                             process and the results you want to achieve, so that way, the mind will "repeat" in real                            life what you believed and lived through imagination.

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