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Court Partially Blocks

Trump's Transgender Military Ban

October 30, 2017

A judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled Monday, Oct. 30, that Trump's directive changing the transgender policy back to what it was before June 2016 and banning new transgender recruits from enlisting cannot be enforced while the case is being reviewed in court.


However, the judge denied the plaintiff's motion to block the ban on funds for gender reassignment surgery.


In a 76-page memo accompanying the ruling, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wrote that the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their case arguing the transgender ban violates their Fifth Amendment right to due process. “The court finds that a number of factors—including the sheer breadth of the exclusion ordered by the directives, the unusual circumstances surrounding the President’s announcement of them, the fact that the reasons given for them do not appear to be supported by any facts, and the recent rejection of those reasons by the military itself — strongly suggest that Plaintiffs’ Fifth Amendment claim is meritorious,” she wrote.


Still, she wrote, the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their case against the accession and retention policies because the government’s arguments for the ban “appear to be hypothetical and extremely overbroad.”

Impeachment May Be A Real Possibility For Donald Trump

May 17, 2017

Nearly half of all Americans want to see President Donald Trump get impeached.


A new survey released by Public Policy Polling found that 48 percent of Americans would support impeaching Trump, compared to only 41 percent who would oppose doing so. In similar news, 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s performance as president, compared to only 40 percent who approve of it. Waters has called for further investigation into Trump’s potentially impeachable offenses, while Castro has specifically cited the possibility that the Trump administration ordered federal agencies to disobey the judiciary when it comes to his travel ban against Muslims.

Michael Flynn Ordered To Hand Over Papers

May 11, 2017

Michael Flynn has failed to voluntarily co-operate with the investigation, the Senate Intelligence Committee says. He was forced to resign in February after failing to disclose the content of his talks with Russian diplomats.


Meanwhile, the fallout continues over the firing of the FBI director. The White House maintained that James Comey was removed on Tuesday, May 9, for his handling of the inquiry over Hillary Clinton's emails. Mr Flynn, a retired army lieutenant-general, misled the White House about discussing US sanctions against Russia with the country's envoy, Sergei Kislyak, before Donald Trump's inauguration in January.

Decision Day For Obamacare Repeal

May 04, 2017

House Republican leaders plan to bring their controversial plan to revise key parts of the Affordable Care Act to a vote on Thursday, May 4, capping weeks of fits and starts in their attempt to fulfill a signature campaign promise.


"I’ll take around 2,000 votes this Congress. Most of them will be forgotten," Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) said on late Wednesday. "This is not one of those votes. This vote marks the beginning of the end of Obamacare as we know it."


If the bill passes, it will face a steep climb in the Senate, where widespread disagreement remains among Republicans about how to proceed on health care. Rep. Fred Upton, an influential Republican from Michigan, introduced the amendment that was key to resolving a major sticking point this week. It provides more financial assistance — $8 billion over five years — to help people with preexisting conditions pay for medical costs. Those people are at risk of losing protections under the GOP plan, which seeks to repeal and replace major parts of the ACA.


Under the GOP plan, states could opt out of parts of the ACA, meaning people with preexisting conditions could be denied coverage or charged more. Such states would have to set up “high-risk pools” to absorb some of the costs.


Upton’s amendment would help some patients with expensive conditions, such as cancer or diabetes, pay premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Some experts doubted that $8 billion was enough to aggressively address those costs over a five-year period. According to an analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the temporary high-risk pool created by the ACA covered just 100,000 people; the government paid out $2 billion in subsidies to that pool in one year.

President Trump Signs New

Immigration Executive Order

March 07, 2017

The Trump administration on Monday, March 6, rolled out the second edition of a controversial immigration executive order, which temporarily suspends immigration into the United States from now only six predominantly-Muslim countries.


Citizens from the affected countries — Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya — will be subjected to a 90-day ban on travel to the United States. Iraq was previously listed among those nations, but was removed from this latest iteration of the travel ban after assurances from the Iraqi government of increased information sharing with the United States, a senior Department of Homeland Security official told reporters on Monday, March 6.


The order will go into effect on March 16, does not revoke existing visas approved before that date and does not explicitly apply to current lawful permanent residents and green card holders.


The revised order still seeks to curb the number of refugees allowed in to the United States — no more than 50,000 will be allowed in in 2017 — however it no longer places a blanket ban on Syrian refugees trying to enter the U.S. Instead refugees, including those from Syria, will be subjected to a 120-day suspension of the refugee program.

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