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Parents' Using Cellphones Too Much Can Harm Their Family's Life

April 25, 2017

More than a third of 2,000 11 to 18-year-olds who responded to a poll said they had asked their parents to stop checking their devices.


And 14% said their parents were online at meal times, although 95% of 3,000 parents, polled separately, denied it.


Among the pupils:

  • 82% felt meal times should be device-free
  • 22% said the use of mobiles stopped their families enjoying each other's company
  • 36% had asked their parents to put down their phones


Of pupils who had asked their parents to put down their phones, 46% said their parents took no notice while 44% felt upset and ignored.


Despite this, only a minority of parents (10%) believed their mobile use was a concern for their children - although almost half (43%) felt they spent too much of their own time online.

Helping Your Toddler Learn To Put

Himself To Sleep

March 27, 2017

While some kids have a harder time falling asleep than others, all children do eventually start falling asleep without a parent's presence, and sleeping through the night most nights. It may take some time to develop that habit, but your child can learn to put himself to sleep, and to stay asleep, eventually. Here's how:


1. Toddlers who've been racing around the apartment can't simply switch gears and decompress when you decide it's bedtime. The last few hours before bed should be calm and quiet.


2. Beware of too elaborate a routine, because they have a way of expanding to take more time. But don't think of bedtime as a chore that's taking too much time. Think of it as the best part of the day, when you get premium quality time with your little one.


3. Toddlers need a set time to go to bed every night, their body begins to expect sleep. Most toddlers do better with an early bedtime; between 6:30 and 8 pm. You'd think a later bedtime would help them fall asleep more easily, but when they stay up later, they get over-tired, and stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol kick in to keep them going.

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The Habits You Should Steal

From Your Toddler

February 28, 2017

1. Throw a tantrum

Obviously, you're not going to throw yourself on the floor and start kicking and screaming the next time your boss gets on your nerves (even though you may want to!), but don't bottle up your emotions.


2. Make physical activity fun

When you try to exercise and your toddler joins in, it's as if she's having the time of her life.


3. Just say "no"

Is "no" your toddler's favorite word yet? If not, it's coming. If you ask him if he's sleepy, tell him "Good Morning", or offer him an apple, his response will be the same: "No!" Though his negativity can be frustrating, try following his example. Of course, you don't have to be as blunt as your toddler, but say no to things you don't want to do or don't have the time to do. It will reduce your stress and free up time and energy for things you really enjoy.


4. Find joy in the little things

When was the last time you smiled simply because the sun was shining? As adults, we tend to overlook the small stuff.


5. Take a power nap

You know how your kid conks out right after lunch every day? Start doing the same.

Huggies Created the Smallest Diaper Ever

February 10, 2017

The brand has announced the launch of an adorable, teeny-tiny diaper line for premature babies: Huggies Little Snuggler Nano Preemie Diapers.

These diapers are specially crafted to protect the sensitive skin of preemies weighing less than two pounds. According to a press release, fewer than 1.4% of newborns fall into such a weight category, so it's hard to get a hold of tiny diapers in hospitals. According to Daireaux, Huggies was able to bring the concept to life in just six months. After extensive research and interviews, Huggies produced the diapers, which feature specially-sized fasteners as well as a narrow, absorbent pad, comfortable for baby despite his/her position.


The tiny diapers now occupy hospital NICUs around the U.S. — only after going through an intense, individual inspection process.


"Good-fitting diapers are important to the healthy growth and development of our smallest patients," said Anjanette Lee, MS, CCC/SLP, NTMTC, an infant development specialist at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital in Houston, Texas, one of nine Level III and Level IV NICUs that tested the new diaper.

Mom Says Kids Kidnapped to Mexico By Father

January 27, 2017

A woman who just moved to South Florida with her children may be gearing up for an international custody battle after she says her ex-husband showed up to take his kids for the weekend and may have taken them across the border in to Mexico. Hernandez said it all started when her ex-husband Odair Perez was recently visiting from Mexico. He had been in the U.S. for about two months. Every other Saturday the father would pick up the kids to spend time with them. But, this pass Saturday Hernandez said the father picked up the kids and never returned.


The 28-year-old, who is Cuban, married Perez in Mexico, where they had 3-year-old Logan and one and a half year-old Nyan. She says her ex gave her written permission to cross the border eight months ago. And since she's Cuban she was able to claim asylum. "Since all three have paroles a year after coming in which is a few months away, she can adjust status to that of a permanent resident. What happens is if they leave the country they could abandon their parole and they may not be able to come back," immigration attorney Wilfredo Allen said.


"Does she remain here and fight here and try to become a resident and then fight the kids taking or does she abandon her chance to become a resident and follow this case back to Mexico? It's a very difficult situation," Allen said. Hernandez said she's determined to keep fighting.

Back To School

August 2016

New Vs Old Gear

•    Online VS In-store?

August is upon us and, whether your kids have already trudged back to their first day of school or they’re madly completing summer reading assignments in anticipation, a new school year is upon us. Here’s some of the GeekDad and GeekMom favorites for 2016.


Notebook (Computer) And Notebook (Paper)

We’d like to recommend a MacBook. If you specifically need OS X for school or work, you should try to wait until Apple updates its lineup, which we expect very soon.  If you need to save some money, the Asus ZenBook UX305UA is a fantastic Windows ultrabook for its price.


Messenger Bag And Backpack

With digital technology becoming more and more integrated with school, you or your child won’t be needing to carry so many books like before. The Waterfield Vitesse is surprisingly roomy and tough.



It’s light and has a battery that lasts anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months (depending on Wi-Fi usage), and provides access to Amazon’s massive e-book library.


Where To Buy Certain Items To Save1.  School SuppliesStaples is offering 25 percent off school supplies with the purchase of a backpack.  Office Depot has great low prices as well as the option to save two dollars on a new binder when you recycle an old one. Rite Aid has a huge selection of school supplies starting at just 59 cents a piece.  2. BackpacksTarget is offering 30 percent off select backpacks and the option for a $5 gift card when you spend $30 or more.  3.  Lunch BoxesToys R Us has sales on lunch boxes as well as free shipping on orders of  4. ClothesOld Navy has marked down prices and the option for free shipping on their back to school clothes. 


Things to Consider About Homeschooling

Curiosity, Not Boredom:

With only one or a few students, you have the freedom to approach a subject from the angle that most appeals to those students.


Independent kids:

Students who learn from a coach who helps them find information rather than a teacher who doles out information in small, testable bundles quickly learn how to learn for the sake of learning - rather than to prove what they know on a test.



You Can Travel

Family Bonding

Learning For Real Not For a Test

Breastfeeding Premature

Babies Boosts Their IQ In Later Life

August 2016

These infants have found to have larger volumes of certain brain regions at term equivalent and have better IQs, academic achievement, working memory and motor function.


 Research, published in The Journal of Paediatrics, followed 180 premature infants from birth until they turned seven. They identified babies which had received breast milk as more than 50 per cent of their nutritional intake from birth to 28 days of life. They found infants who received predominantly breast milk had larger deep nuclear grey matter. By seven, the children performed better on cognitive tests, having better memory, higher IQs and greater grasp of maths.


 The researchers added that other factors may involved, including social and environmental issues which the study may not have identified.

Huntington’s Newest Eagle Scouts

November 2015

Members of the Boy Scout Troop, 78, attended the Halesite Fire Department last week on Sunday night to honor Tyler Varacchi and Michael Signorile for achieving the rank of Eagle. Lupinacci presented both young men with an official New York State citation and a pin in commemoration of their accomplishments.

“As a duly elected member of the New York State Assembly, it is so encouraging to see today’s youth taking pride in our nation, giving back to our community and portraying outstanding character throughout their time as a Boy Scout,” Lupinacci said.


“It is an extreme honor and accomplishment to be awarded the rank of Eagle, as you are now a member of a historic and storied fraternity. I proudly applaud Tyler and Michael for their exceptional efforts and their service to our community, the great state of New York and the United States of America.”

Village Of Hempstead Hosts

Salvadorian-American Festival

November 2015

Village of Hempstead Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr. recently welcomed more than 2,000 Long Islanders to celebrate Hempstead’s annual Salvadorian-American festival. During the festival Village of Hempstead officials recognized notable leaders in the Salvadorian-American community and discussed the importance of welcoming diversity. Festival participants enjoyed traditional Salvadorian music, food and sporting events held throughout the day.

There's A Fake School Bus Driver Roaming Around Long Island Trying To Lure Kids Inside

September 2015

The West Islip school district's superintendent sent a letter to parents, describing an unmarked mini-school bus with a female driver cruising along Higbie Lane, near the Westbrook Elementary School. The woman encouraged two students to "come on the bus" while they were walking home on Friday, officials said. She was described as "soft-spoken," between the age of 20 to 30, and wearing a hat similar to a police officer's. The fake school bus had a light pink star or flower painted on its rear door, the superintendent wrote. The two students continued walking and got home safely.


The Suffolk County police said they have received a report and are investigating the phony bus driver.

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