The Cancer-Preventing Pizza

June 11, 2018

Scientists and chefs in Italy say they have made a pizza which prevents cancer and heart disease.

The Pizza Pascalina, designed by scientists in Naples, has been called ‘the pizza that extends life’ and an ‘anti-tumour’ pizza. The Pascalina is packed with ingredients from the Mediterranean diet which are known to have health benefits.


Neither cheese nor meat feature on the dish; its toppings include tomatoes, olives and rapini – a type of broccoli.


It will be on sale at the Napoli Pizza Village, a pizza festival in Naples.

Are You Magnesium Deficient?

Jan. 19, 2018

Insomnia, depression, cravings and tiredness are the bane of many of our lives. But they could be signs of a simple problem: magnesium deficiency.


Magnesium is an essential mineral which plays a crucial role in more than 300 different enzymatic reactions in the body each day. Here are some key signs of magnesium deficiency not to miss.


You can’t stay asleep

Studies have shown that when magnesium levels are too low, it’s harder to stay asleep.


You’re depressed

Magnesium has a role in hormonal regulation and may also help blood sugar balance which can help with mood issues such as depression and anxiety.


You get migraines


You crave chocolate

Cravings for specific foods can indicate nutrient deficiency and if it’s chocolate you’re craving most often, a lack of magnesium could be the reason.


Magnesium is found in a wide variety of foods, including:


Green leafy vegetables – such as spinach, Nuts, Brown rice, Bread (especially wholegrain), Fish, Meat, Dairy foods


How much magnesium do I need?

The amount of magnesium you need is:

300mg a day for men (19-64 years), 270mg a day for women (19-64 years)

Simple Swaps On Sugar Intake

Jan. 09, 2018

Children should be allowed just two low-calorie snacks a day to stop them becoming obese.


Instead of treats such as chocolate bars and crisps, the under-11s should be limited to two ‘healthy’ snacks of no more than 100 calories each.


Simple Swaps:


By substituting a 160g Activia Breakfast Pot (which contains 4½ tsp, or 17.4g of sugar), for Total Natural Yoghurt, which has just 1½ tsp or 6.5g of sugar per 170g pot - your children would be consuming just a third of the sugar.


Heinz Tomato Ketchup contains 3.4g sugar per 15g serving (the equivalent of 0.85 tsp) per serving; while Real Good Ketchup contains 0.9g naturally occuring sugars per 15g serving, equivalent to 0.23 (just under a quarter) of a tsp.


For many families it's a breakfast staple but Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread contains a whopping 56.8g of sugar per 100g (14.2 tsp); while Jim Jams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread has around 8.7g of sugar per 100g (equivalent to just over 2 tsp).

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