Why You Should

Do Your Taxes Even If You're Not Legal

Feb. 21, 2018

Individual tax payer identification number (ITIN), allows individuals without SSN to file their tax returns.  The ITIN does not take place of a social security number or qualify the applicant for social security benefits.

An ITIN number could have prevented Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos from being deported to Mexico in 2017.  In 2008 Guadalupe was arrested during a workplace raid and convicted for using a fake Social Security Number, a felony crime. Under the Trump administration undocumented immigrants with a criminal history will have a challenge of obtaining legal status in the USA and staying in the country.


ITIN numbers will allow individuals to report their tax returns.  The tax return will be useful if they are due a tax refund or if they owe taxes.  The tax returns are used for individual’s immigration cases.  The tax return will also allow the individual to determine how they are doing financially, in order to make important life decisions.  If you are fortunate enough to receive a SSN you can transfer past earnings that were reported under your ITIN.

In 2010, about 3 million people paid over $870 million in income taxes using an ITIN, and according to the IRS, ITIN filers pay $9 billion in payroll taxes annually. (The IRS says it does not share ITIN information with immigration authorities.)


How Do I Get An ITIN Number?

Everyone situation is different but typically you will need to fill out an application and file a tax return.  Also you must sent the IRS your original passport, which the IRS will return to you within two months.


If you apply in person at an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent, “CAA” which can be a private business or government agency, the staff can certify your documents and you will get your identification back the same day.


Herman P Ortiz CPA PC Is a Certified Public Accounting Firm located in Deer Park and we are a Certified Acceptance Agent with the IRS.


Please call and make an appointment 631-486-6855 or email at  We are open Monday thru Thursday 9am to 7pm and on Saturday from 9am to 4pm.


The deadline to submit 1099’s and W-2’s is 1.31.2018, you may also file late but a penalty may be imposed.

Delta Changes Rules For Flying With Pets

Jan. 19, 2018

Rather than wait for federal regulation, Delta Air Lines unveiled its own tighter rules for passengers flying with emotional-support animals that increasingly disrupt flights.


The rules come as the airline carries about 700 assistance animals each day that the carrier says are increasingly misbehaving by wandering the cabin, defecating or even biting passengers.


Delta's rules for traveling with service and comfort animals starting March 1 require documentation confirming the safety and necessity of the animal 48 hours before departure.


The passenger must provide a veterinary health form or vaccination record for either category of animals. For comfort animals and psychiatric-service animals, the passenger must also provide:


♦ A letter signed by a doctor or licensed mental-health professional stating the passenger’s need for the animal.


♦ A signed letter stating the animal is trained to behave without a kennel.


“This new policy is our first step in better protecting those who fly with Delta with a more thoughtful screening process,” said John Laughter, Delta’s senior vice president for corporate safety, security and compliance.


The Americans with Disabilities Act calls designated dogs and miniature horses as service animals, which are trained often to assist the deaf or blind. But the 1986 Air Carrier Access Act opened the door to a greater variety of animals to accompany a disabled passenger with a doctor's note in any seat, unless the animal obstructs an aisle or another area needed for emergency evacuation.


Delta acknowledged that trained animals typically behave. But the carrier said untrained animals regularly stretch across seats or move about the cabin during flight.


Because of a vague definition for what qualifies, Delta said passengers have brought turkeys, possums and snakes on planes as comfort animals.



Delta said it won't accept those critters as comfort animals any more — or other exotic animals such as hedgehogs, ferrets, reptiles or anything with tusks or hooves.



Delta carries 180 million passengers a year with about 250,000 service or emotional-support animals.

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