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Cancer Pen Could

Detect Tumors During Surgery in Seconds


September 07, 2017

The pen uses a little drop of water to make the analysis and doesn’t require any cutting of tissue, the team reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine. They hope it can help make for less invasive surgery that gets every piece of tumor while also leaving behind as much healthy tissue as possible.


"If you talk to cancer patients after surgery, one of the first things many will say is 'I hope the surgeon got all the cancer out,' " Livia Schiavinato Eberlin, an assistant professor of chemistry who led the work, said in a statement.


The team designed the pen and programmed a mass spectrometer to detect compounds that make lung, thyroid, ovary and breast tumors different from healthy tissue.


They said it was accurate 96 percent of the time. "Any time we can offer the patient a more precise surgery, a quicker surgery or a safer surgery, that's something we want to do," said James Suliburk, head of endocrine surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, who worked with the team.


"Cancer cells have dysregulated metabolism as they're growing out of control," Eberlin said. "Because the metabolites in cancer and normal cells are so different, we extract and analyze them with the MasSpec Pen to obtain a molecular fingerprint of the tissue

Zika Virus Used To Treat Aggressive Brain Cancer


September 06, 2017

A team of researchers in the United States found that the Zika virus preferred killing glioblastoma stem cells—those that lead to the glioblastoma brain cancer—over regular brain cells in mice.

Mice with Zika injected into their glioblastomas seemed to survive longer than those without.

While mice are not humans, the researchers think they’ve found a new potential treatment option worth pursuing.

Latest research shows the virus can selectively infect and kill hard-to-treat cancerous cells in adult brains.

Human trials are still a way off, but experts believe Zika virus could potentially be injected into the brain at the same time as surgery to remove life-threatening tumours, the Journal of Experimental Medicine reports.

The Zika treatment appears to work on human cell samples in the lab. It is thought that these glioblastoma stem cells continue to grow and divide, producing new tumour cells even after aggressive medical treatment.


Different, healthy stem cells are found in abundance in baby brains, which probably explains why regular Zika can be so damaging to infants, say the researchers.

Adult brains, however, have very few stem cells. This means Zika treatment should destroy only the cancer-causing brain stem cells without causing much collateral damage.

Researcher Dr Michael Diamond said: "Once we add a few more changes, I think it's going to be impossible for the virus to overcome them and cause disease. He hopes to begin human trials within 18 months.

Six Top Experts Resigned

From Donald Trump’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Panel


June 21, 2017

Scott Schoettes, Counsel and HIV Project Director at the pioneering LGBTQ legal group Lambda Legal, resigned late last week from the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA), along with five other council members, in protest of Donald Trump’s polices  ― or lack of polices ― to combat the HIV epidemic.

One of the most ominous signs of Price’s and the Trump administration’s lack of concern about HIV is that the website for the Office of AIDS Policy was taken down shortly after Trump took office and has not been replaced ― another reason cited by the six members of PACHA who resigned.

The GOP’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with Trumpcare, this is estimated to cause 23 million people to lose health care within ten years.

This would harm hundreds of thousands of people with HIV across the country as well as many more HIV-negative gay and bisexual men and transgender women at risk who need insurance for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the drug therapy to prevent HIV infection. And any advances to stem the epidemic could be dramatically halted or reversed.

Lower-cost Alternative To EpiPen


June 21, 2017

U.S. regulators have approved new competition for EpiPen, the emergency allergy medicine that made Mylan a poster child for pharmaceutical company greed.


Symjepi is a syringe prefilled with the hormone epinephrine, which helps stop life-threatening allergic reactions from insect stings and bites, foods such as nuts and eggs, or certain medications.

San Diego-based Adamis says its product is easier to use than Mylan’s EpiPen, a spring-loaded syringe filled with a set dose that comes with a training device.


Symjepi also is smaller than EpiPen, so it’s easier to fit in a pocket or purse. Currently, EpiPens cost about $630 to $700 without insurance, while the new generic version retails for about $225 to $425. in the armpits.

Tips To Reduce Ticks Near Your Home


June 05, 2017

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, it’s important to be on the lookout for ticks in the yard, on our pets and near wooded, brushy areas. A deer tick needs to attach itself for about 48 hours to transmit Lyme disease, so it`s important to do 'tick checks' any time you've been out in a wooded or grassy area. If you find a tick, use a tweezers to grab the tick by the head and make sure you get the whole body when you pull it off. You can actually bring the tick in to the doctor with you to have it tested for Lyme disease. If it`s found to be positive, you`d be started on a course of antibiotics.

If you`re in wooded areas, wear hiking boots, long pants and long sleeve shirts. It`s also easier to spot ticks crawling on you in light-colored clothing. You can also use a tick repellent that contains at least 20 percent DEET to repel ticks.

Look in areas where ticks hide - hair, behind the ears, between the legs, behind the knees, and in the armpits.

UnitedHealth Allegedly

Overbilled U.S by By $1 Billion


May 19, 2017

The Justice Department on Tuesday, May 16, accused giant insurer UnitedHealth Group of overcharging the federal government by more than $1 billion through its Medicare Advantage plans.

In a 79-page lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, the Justice Department alleged that the insurer made patients appear sicker than they were in order to collect higher Medicare payments than it deserved. The government said it had “conservatively estimated” that the company “knowingly and improperly avoided repaying Medicare” for more than a billion dollars over the course of the decade-long scheme.

The case joined on Tuesday was first filed in 2011 by Benjamin Poehling, a former finance director for the UnitedHealth division that oversees Medicare Advantage Plans. Under the False Claims Act, private parties can sue on behalf of the federal government and receive a share of any money recovered.

UnitedHealth is the nation’s biggest Medicare Advantage operator covering about 3.6 million patients in 2016, when Medicare paid the company $56 billion, according to the complaint.

Are Unpleasant Surprises Hiding

in Your Mouth?


May 15, 2017

Young men and women are excited when they come to see Dr. Inna Gellerman to start their journey to a Spectacular Smile! They are proud that they are finally going to be able to make their dream of a perfect smile come true.

 Our free consultation for new patients includes an examination, including x-rays and digital imaging. That’s where we learn the real health and status of our patients’ teeth and jaws.

 Often we find that people who have had dental work in the past have had adult teeth removed.  Sometimes, we find teeth located are above the gum line – and the person doesn’t even know they are there!

 When adult teeth are removed and no follow-up orthodontic treatment is provided, there are consequences.

Other teeth may move where there is more room and that can hurt the person’s ability to speak or eat properly. Some teeth may rub against each other and wear down the enamel or covering on the teeth, leading to decay.

 Dental training and techniques vary from country to country, so what is common practice in one country may not be the same as what we do in the United States.

 When you come to a caring orthodontist like Dr. Gellerman, you learn about any underlying problems and how to fix them so that you too can have a Spectacular Smile.  Call today at 631-427-8444 for a free consultation today!

Steps To A Healthy Mind


April 07, 2017

  • Create the Intention

Changing negative habits and creating new positive habits is a fairly simple process but not an easy process and takes a commitment. It is important that you make the decision and be clear about your intention in order to create change.

  • Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

Make it a priority to take notice of what thoughts pass through your head as you go about your day. Take note of what thoughts come up as you are dealing with different people and situations. Be careful not to judge your thoughts, for now simply be aware of them.

  •  Make the Switch

Over time with practice you will notice that when a negative thought pops up you will habitually switch it immediately to a positive. Then before you know it the negativity will be gone and it will be replaced with a positive and self-affirming way of being.

  • Positive Brain

By meditating or using brainwave audios such as binaural beats you are able to bypass the conscious mind and work directly with the subconscious mind. In this way you can make huge progress by tuning the brain to a specific frequency that helps with stress, anxiety and overall well being.

  • Take Time to Enjoy

Practicing positive thinking does not mean that you will never again have a negative thought. However it does mean that you will have the conscious awareness to change the negative to a positive and allow that positive energy to shape your life as opposed to being influenced by the negative. Get out there and enjoy life.

New Study: Most Kids Who Died Of Flu

Weren’t Vaccinated


April 05, 2017

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers reported Monday, April 3, at least three-quarters of kids who died from influenza between 2010 and 2014 had not been vaccinated in the months before they got sick. "This study highlights the importance of annual influenza vaccination for children, especially those with underlying high-risk medical conditions," the report, authored by the CDC's Dr. Alicia Fry and colleagues, said. "Because of the higher risk of severe complications and influenza-associated death among children with underlying conditions, vaccination is especially important for these children."

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