Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew

August 01, 2018

-- Visiting The Gynecologist Does Not Equal Getting A Pelvic Exam

A pelvic exam is pretty much exactly what you picture when you think of visiting the gynecologist. The doctor will ask you to lay back and put your feet into stirrups, and then insert a speculum into you, which is used to check the inside of the vagina and cervix.


It may sound intimidating, but remember it’s not all a gynecologist does.

-- You should start getting pap smears once you hit 21

The pap smear is a test that is used to check for cervical cancer. According to the National Library of Medicine, you will need to avoid having sex and using tampons or douches at least 24 hours before the test.


Be sure to schedule your appointment around your period too, as bleeding might lessen the accuracy of the results.


-- You Really Should Visit The Gynecologist Every Year

You should also remember to get STI (sexually transmitted infection) screenings, which are not a part of the annual gynecological check-up.


-- Birth Control Can Do More For You Than Prevent Pregnancies

Although its name suggests a one-track purpose, birth control actually has a lot of uses.

YouTuber Who Claimed Veganism And Faith Cured Her Cancer Dies Of Cancer

Feb. 26, 2018

Mari Lopez ran YouTube channel Liz & Mari with her niece Liz Johnson, where they explained how Mari "was healed from stage 4 cancer by God through faith".


In the videos, which have received hundreds of thousands of views, the two claim that Mari used "juicing, poultices, alkaline & hydrogen water throughout her healing process" after she was guided to by God.


Sadly, Mari passed away in December after her breast cancer spread to her liver, lungs, and blood. Towards the end of her life, however, Mari realized that she was going to die of her breast cancer and asked her niece to remove the videos from YouTube, The Independent reports.


Instead, Liz has kept the videos up, even claiming in a new one she was eating meat again and using a microwave to heat food.

Murder Charges Filed After Nurses Seen On Camera Laughing As Veteran Gasps For Breath

Feb. 22, 2018

In November, the Brookhaven Police Department launched a criminal investigation into 89-year-old James Dempsey’s death after an 11Alive Investigation uncovered hidden camera video and court depositions of nursing home staff who responded to the World War II veteran.

The video showed Dempsey repeatedly calling out for help as he suffered in respiratory distress. After his calls, Dempsey became unresponsive.


It happened at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014. 11Alive obtained both videos in 2017 through public records requests after the family filed a lawsuit.

Grand jury has indicted two nurses and an aide on numerous charges, including felony murder in one case, in the death of an elderly patient who slowly died in front of them.


Former licensed practical nurse (LPN) Loyce Pickquet Agyeman, of Snellville, Georgia is charged with Felony Murder and Neglect to an Elder Person.


Wanda Nuckles of Buford, also a former LPN, is charged with Depriving an Elder Person of Essential Services, while Mable Turman, a certified nurse assistant from College Park, is charged with Neglect to an Elder Person. All three women were also indicted on a single count of Concealing the Death of Another in the five-count indictment returned by Grand Jurors Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 21.

Cancer-Fighting Nano-robots Programmed To Seek And Destroy Tumors

Feb. 14, 2018

In a major advancement in nanomedicine, researchers have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumours by cutting off their blood supply.


“We have developed the first fully autonomous, DNA robotic system for a very precise drug design and targeted cancer therapy,” said Hao Yan, director of the ASU Biodesign Institute’s Center for Molecular Design and Biomimetics and the Milton Glick Professor in the School of Molecular Sciences.


The team showed that the nanorobots were safe and effective in shrinking tumours. Most importantly, there was no evidence of the nanorobots spreading into the brain where it could cause unwanted side effects, such as a stroke.


Hispanics With Cancer


• Hispanic women have about twice the risk of developing cervical cancer, compared with non-Hispanic women.


• Colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in both Hispanic men and women.


• Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men of all races in the United States, including Hispanic men.

Ease Anxiety

Over Medical Tests and Procedures

Feb. 05 2018

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, preventive health guidelines advocate routine testing by age range to maintain good health.

Illustration: Art Glazer

What makes anxiety over medical tests worse?

• Hearing that someone you know had a negative experience may cause you to anticipate the worst.


• Family history (along the same lines)—thinking that all genes are created equal.



• Don't ask everyone you know to describe their experience with the test.


• Understand that not everyone in the family has the same genes, or—better yet—get tested if a test is available, like the BRCA gene test for breast cancer.


• Ask practitioners in advance to explain the procedure, and obtain reliable health information.


• Research your doctor and make sure that he or she is experienced and well-qualified.


• Attempt to get results as quickly as possible.


• Exercise can also calm anxiety, especially if you feel it in your body.

Oxygen Levels in Oceans Are Dropping Dangerously

Jan. 29 2018

The study, published in Science, is a first of its kind – a comprehensive look at how "dead zones" have increased fourfold, and "low-oxygen zones" tenfold, since the 1950s.


These areas now cover more than 12 million square miles of ocean and extend as much as 200 meters below sea level – an area that is larger than North America or Africa. Much of it is being driven by climate change and industrial pollution.


The study was conducted as part of the UN's Global Ocean Oxygen Network, and another member of the multi-disciplinary research team was more direct.

"The low oxygen problem is the biggest unknown climate change consequence out there," said co-author Lisa Levin, a biological oceanography professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.


Oxygen is every bit as critical to life in the oceans as it is to human beings and species living on land.


But while humans certainly notice when smog or air pollution creates suffocating conditions in major cities like Los Angeles or Beijing, hardly anyone is on hand to observe species suffocating or struggling with similar oxygen depletion in oceans.


The researchers concluded that there may be some short-term solutions, as species migrate to places where oxygen is more plentiful. But the long-term implications, they said, could include a collapse of entire ecosystems in the world's oceans.

Sitting Down Too Much Builds Fat Around The Organs

Jan. 18, 2018

Sitting down too much also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

According to a study, people who spent a large amount of time sitting down had higher levels of visceral and total abdominal fat. Visceral fat is unseen and wrapped around the liver, pancreas and kidneys.


Carrying a high amount is known to be associated with insulin resistance – the driving factor for type 2 diabetes, a preventable condition. Many of us are chained to our desk for work and the research found the most harmful effect was on those who do not work out in their spare time.


Lead author of the latest study, Dr Joe Henson at the University of Leicester, said: 'We know that spending long periods of time sedentary is unhealthy and a risk factor for chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.'

Gaming Addiction Classified As Disorder

Jan. 09, 2018

Gaming addiction is to be listed as a mental health condition for the first time by the World Health Organisation.


Its 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD) will include the condition "gaming disorder".

The draft document describes it as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour so severe that it takes "precedence over other life interests".


Some countries had already identified it as a major public health issue.


Symptoms include:

Impaired control over gaming (frequency, intensity, duration).

Increased priority given to gaming.

Continuation or escalation of gaming despite negative consequences.

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