Trump Followers

Are Angry With Jennifer Lopez

Feb. 27, 2018

Ooooh...just my Macho and Mr. President hanging out backstage... @arod and @barackobama #obama #legendseries

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Jennifer Lopez infuriated Trump supporters with a picture along with the comment posted on Instagram.  Jennifer Lopez hit Instagram to share a photo of A-Rod and Barack Obama.


The two of them linked up at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on February 23rd. Obama and A-Rod were both speakers at the event.


Obama spoke on his time as the president and his plans for the future. A-Rod spoke on his time as an athlete as well as his investment firm, A-Rod Corp.



At the bottom of the photo both smiling, Jennifer wrote: "Ooooh ... just my macho and Mr. President hanging out backstage", getting almost 1 million 'likes' and raising a wave of comments praising Obama and attacking Donald Trump, which made followers of the current president defend him and attack the Obama administration.

What You Didn't Know About J Balvin

Feb. 26, 2018

Colombian-born music star J Balvin has rewritten the rules of reggaeton, introducing an enlightened version of the Latin genre to audiences worldwide.


He Survived A Plane Crash

In August 2016, Balvin was a passenger in a small plane that crashed after take-off in The Bahamas. The singer left the scene unharmed and shared photos and feelings about the incident on social media. He later posted a photo from aboard another private plane, explaining, "The only way to overcome fears is to face them."


Depression and Medication Use

J Balvin has been open about his internal battles and this time he provides some more details in hopes that it will help others. The Colombian superstar talked to show “Lo Sé Todo” and discussed his depression and medication use.


He said "Depressions is something that you have to stop seeing as if it were something crazy.


You have to understand that there are chemical imbalances, I still have psychiatric medications. There is a sort of taboo against psychiatrists. I used to say: 'That's for crazy people', but really it's crazier that I wouldn't let myself get help."


Instead of celebrating, Balvin spent his days and nights crying.


For eight years he had worked relentlessly to get to this point, but now ceaseless pressure had reshaped his dreams into nightmares. "I became a slave to the game," he says. He was having panic attacks. His heart hammered in his chest.


"I didn't want make more music. I basically wanted to quit and be dead."


He Holds a Guinness World Record

"Ginza" became the longest-running number one on the US Hot Latin Songs chart by a single artist.


He Lived In The U.S. As A Teenager

Balvin moved to Oklahoma at age 17 for an exchange program and later spent time on New York's Staten Island. He told Billboard.


"Graffiti, freestyle battles on the streets, all those big billboards with Jay Z's face. I was like, 'Wow. This guy has his own clothing line. Hip-hop is an entire business.' "

TV Shows To Get Excited In 2018

Jan. 09, 2018

A Series Of Unfortunate Events, season 2, 30 March 2018.

Count Olaf is back to terrorise those poor little children in season 2 of this TV series based on the film of the same name. And we couldn't be happier to have Neil Patrick Harris and his lovely bald head back.


Survival Of The Fittest, February

Survival Of The Fittestbasically pits a bunch of female hotties and male hotties against each other in daily physical and mental challenges to determine if boys are better than girls or vice-versa.


Mindhunter, season 2

Mindhunter is set in the 70s, and follows FBI agent Holden Ford (based on real-life John E. Douglas) and his buddy Bill Tench as they travel around America interviewing some of the most depraved serial killers of the time in an attempt to understand why killers do what they do. Keep an eye out on Netflix.


Castle Rock

Castle Rock is based on the stories of terrifying horror writer -and the man behind IT - Stephen King. Keep an eye out on Hulu.


Good Girls (February 26)

Now this dream team star as three best friends who decide to rob a grocery store. It’s from executive producer Jenna Bans, who has worked on both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, which means the show will have the right mix of humor and drama.


The Looming Tower (February 28)

Based on Lawrence Wright’s non-fiction book of the same name, The Looming Tower, a 10-part miniseries on Hulu, looks at the events leading up to 9/11, particularly the failure of U.S. intelligence agencies to share information that might have prevented them.


Miracle Workers (To be announced)

"The Miracle Workers" are an elite team of physicians who embrace revolutionary medical treatments that many of us never knew existed.


Corporate, (Jan. 17)

Corporate is a dark satire of modern office life at a huge company.


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