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Monday's Workout


Deadlift (1 x 3 Rep Max)

Build to a heavy set of 3


15 min


Metcon (Time)

3 rounds DT 105/155

6 bar muscle ups

2 rounds DT 125/185

6 bar muscle ups

1 round DT 145/205

Extra After


Ring Dips (5 x 10)

April 30, 2018

T-Mobile Agrees To Acquire Sprint

T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS.O) and Sprint Corp (S.N) said on Sunday they had agreed to a $26 billion all-stock deal and believed they could win over skeptical regulators.


The merger would create thousands of jobs and help the United States beat China to creating the next generation mobile network.


April 30, 2018

India Introduces Death Penalty For Child Rapists


The change to the country's penal code applies to those convicted of raping a child under the age of 12.

April 23, 2018

Teens Caught On Cell Phone Video Jumping Valley Mother

Neighbors in the Northwest part of the Valley said a group of teens have been terrorizing their community near Elkhorn and Fort Apache.


On April 27, the group of teens were recorded on cell phone video attacking a woman. Neighbors said the woman was attacked three times and suffered a sprained ankle and broken finger.

May 21, 2018

Did You Know...


To make an extra buck, Rod Serling of “The Twilight Zone“ tested parachutes and other experimental technologies for the Air Force. “In one instance, he earned $1,000 for testing a jet ejection seat that had killed the previous three testers.”

April 30, 2018

Girl Dies After Shooting Over Video Game Controller

A Mississippi girl has died after her brother allegedly shot her in the head because she wouldn’t hand over the controller of a video game.


March 19, 2018

Two Wheatley Heights Brothers Arrested for Armed Robberies

Suffolk County Police have arrested two brothers in connection with two armed robberies and a burglary of First Precinct businesses on January 23, 2018.


January 26, 2018

A survivor of clerical sexual abuse has said Pope Francis told him that God had made him gay and loved him, in arguably the most strikingly accepting comments about homosexuality to be uttered by the leader of the Roman Catholic church.

Mayo 21, 2018

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has told top brass at the city's police department to stop arresting people who are caught smoking marijuana in public, according to a City Hall aide.


Currently, smoking in public can lead to arrest, while possession of small amounts of marijuana can lead to a summons.

This weekend, the mayor told the NYPD to issue summonses for smoking pot in public, instead of making arrests.

May 21, 2018

NYC Mayor De Blasio Tells

Police To End Arrests For Marijuana Smoking

Name: Raffles


He was lost on May 20, 2018 in Selden, NY 11784 Near Choate Ave & Washington Ave.


Pit bull boxer, no collar, mole on his chest and one ear that is flopped down.


Call: (631) 356-6776

May 21 2018

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